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  • Installations & Relocations

    All our racking is assembled into easy to erect parts before shipping. This means you can quickly get into the important task of filling the racks. Our pallet racking and midi racking (long span) systems are designed to be easy to set up. However, if you would like our team to install your racking onsite, we have trained and experienced installers that will make the process hassle free and most importantly, safe. This service includes any relocations that might be required, whether moving existing racking in the same warehouse, or relocating it to another site altogether.
  • Audits and Inspections

    We have trained inspectors with extensive knowledge of all types of racking (pallet racking, cantilever, drive-in, satellite/shuttle and mobile racking). 

    It is best practice to have your racking audited once a year. These annual inspections are vital to reveal hidden dangers. Everyday wear and tear from constant loading and unloading of pallets can compromise the strength and structural integrity of your pallet racking systems.

    We don’t only supply and install racking systems, but we also do annual audits on site. Our audit report will identify damaged racking components and suggest actions and controls based on the finding. This can be combined with a quote to do the repairs and maintenance as per the report!   Get in touch with us today for a free quote and ensure the safety of your staff and goods.

    From the official Worksafe guidelines: 'Regular checks of shelving systems should be conducted to look for damage from forklifts or trolleys, missing bolts, bent steel supports or shelves, etc.' 

  • Engineering

    From conception to installation, Southward Racking & Shelving have the experience and expertise to ensure a well-designed and correctly engineered racking system for your business. We can provide all necessary reports and engineering statements, guaranteeing compliance with New Zealand and major international standards: AS/NZS 4600:2005, AS4084 and EN15635. Don’t get caught out with poorly designed racking that is inefficient, costly and unsafe for you and your staff. We can advise and assist in obtaining certification for existing racking.
  • Repairs & maintenance

    Our maintenance team is qualified to carry out repairs on all types of racking quickly and safely, whether welded or bolted racking systems. This service is offered nation-wide and is a very important part of your regular racking maintenance to ensure your racking is secured and the safest it can be for your staff to operate around. We can also advise on how to minimize future damage. We also offer accessories that can improve both the safety and the maintenance of your racking, e.g. frame/upright protectors, pallet supports, pallet stops etc.
  • Warehouse design/layout

    We provide a full warehouse/cool store design and layout to suit your needs. With the support of Stow, we have access to a team of over 30 designing engineers and can often have concept drawings back to you within 48 hours from an initial consultation.
  • Customer care

    We can assist with any enquiry and aim to provide you with the solution that is tailor made for your specific requirements. We know that some warehouse layouts or industry may require a more 'outside the box' approach, so if you feel your unique situation is not a run of the mill racking/storage issue, please contact us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.
  • Health & Safety

    Health and Safety, more than ever, is a consideration in all aspects of how and where we work, ensuring a safe environment for your staff. Government bodies are also taking the safety of warehouse environments very seriously, both the general warehouse layout and existing racking and safety during the installation process. Our install team is trained in all aspects of carrying out the job safely, with backgrounds and training in EWP, Working at Heights and First Aid, etc. We do pre-install hazard analysis and employ site specific safety plans (SSSP’s) for each job. Please feel free to ask about our Health and Safety policies.

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