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Heavy duty Cantilever

Heavy duty Cantilever


The Cantilever Rack system is ideal for storing furniture, steel bars, pipe and tubing, lumber and other long heavy objects that must be kept off the floor. It provides instant accessibility to one piece or a full load. Being that the cantilever racking system is modular in nature, additional arms, uprights and bases may be added at the storage requirements change

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Single or double side units with arm's length, height and distance between uprights can be selected
  • Easy to access for long material, such as timber, pipe, bars and rods
  • Each arm has prints for indicating load capacity regularly fixed in particular position and articles on rack
  • Would not be damaged by forklift
  • Specially suitable for storage of heavy and long material
  • Galvanised or powder coated finish for inside & outside installations

Standard Specifications Tower: 

- 4.2m High 
- Base: 1200mm 
- Cross Bracing: 1000mm 
- Top Bracing: 1000mm 
- Arm: 1200mm 

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Mini Cantilever

Mini Cantilever

Mini cantilever

Ideal for long, irregular and mixed loads

Our Mini Cantilever system is designed for hand or machine loading storage of medium loads to maximize your storage space while giving you easy access to your products. The Cantilever racking system is ideal for storing long, irregular and mixed loads.

The Mini Cantilever racking system for the storage of long goods. For loads varying from 50 to 500 kg per cantilever arm and for most types of long goods an optimised storage solution can be provided.

Typical long goods are metal and plastic tubes, wooden boards, hot rolled steel profiles. The Construction of our Cantilever racking is made of hot rolled steel profiles. The standard finish is a high quality epoxy polyester powder coating for inside applications.

Additional arms, uprights and bases may be added as the storage requirements change. 

2m High | Arms 600mm | Rated to 500kg per arm 

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